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Tune Hotels encourages advanced, online booking as the preferred booking method, employing a demand-based pricing system that rewards early bookings with very low prices.

For bookings at UK hotels, please refer to our UK Booking & Cancellation Policy here.


  • You can book your stay with us:
    • online at www.tunehotels.com
    • through our call centres
    • at any of our Tune Hotels
  • You must have a registered account with Tune Hotels at the www.tunehotels.com website in order to make a booking
  • Your booking will be charged in full upon completion of the booking process and payment made is not refundable
  • A Booking Confirmation confirming your booking will be issued within twenty-four (24) hours of a confirmed paid booking to your registered email address, otherwise, please contact us
  • You must print out your Booking Confirmation and present it for check-in at the Tune Hotel ("Hotel") you booked with, together with your original valid photo identification document (national registration identity card, passport, driver’s licence or other identification card or document as the Hotel may require)
  • If you make a booking five (5) days or less from your check-in date you must present the credit card used for payment for verification. Failure to do so may delay your check-in process
  • Due to security reasons, only the Guest named in the Booking Confirmation is allowed to check-in

Note: Our room rates and charges are published and transacted in the currency of the country where your booked Hotel is located. This is to give the most affordable local rates by avoiding incremental costs such as currency fluctuations and exchange rate gains.

  • Advertised room rates are applicable for selected dates only
  • Room rates are subject to availability
  • Room rates are subject to change without prior notice
  • Rooms are limited and may not be available on public holidays, school breaks and weekends
  • All room rates are on a per room per night basis
  • Room rates may or may not include taxes, VAT or GST (as applicable), service tax, service charge and/or admin fees depending on Hotel locality. To see if these apply to your selected Hotel please refer to the Fee Schedule.


Payment made for bookings (including Add-Ons) are non-refundable.

Booking cancellations MUST be made at least three (3) full days before the scheduled check-in date. A cancellation fee applies for each Booking Confirmation cancelled (Please refer to Fee Schedule). The value of your booking minus the cancellation fee will be credited to your credited to your Tune Hotels’ registered account in a credit shell ("Credit Shell") for your future booking(s) with Tune Hotels subject to the terms of use of Credit Shell and provided that the booking value is more than the cancellation fee.

Any cancellation made less than three (3) full days from the scheduled check-in date (irrespective of the number of stay dates booked) or any no-show in respect of a booking, will result in the total payment under that Booking Confirmation being forfeited irrespective of the number of stay dates remaining.

Change of Guest name and cancellation of booking can only be made online at https://bookings.tunehotels.com/AccClient/MyInformation.asp

Unless otherwise expressly stated, no changes or cancellation will be allowed for promotional bookings. Please read the terms and conditions of the relevant promotion carefully, which terms of promotion shall apply to the booking and shall be binding on you.

Use of Credit Shell

Your Credit Shell amount:

  • will be created in the currency which your booking transaction was made and must be used in that same currency for payment of future bookings with Tune Hotels
  • is currency-specific and is not valid for bookings for Tune Hotels operating in other currencies
  • is valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of cancellation of your booking. If you fail to use it within the validity period, the amount in your Credit Shell will be absolutely forfeited
  • is not transferable to other persons or accounts
  • is not exchangeable for cash
  • cannot be used for payment of non-room related transactions at the Hotel

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